‘I’m furious with him’ Caller slams anti-vaxxers as ex-husband died after refusing vaccine

Heartbroken Anna told LBC’s Tom Swarbrick how her ex-husband died from Coronavirus within “3-hours” of being hospitalised with the virus.

She told the show how the “very very fit” bin man walked “miles and miles” a day and had no underlying health conditions.

Despite this he tragically died within three days which she said has left her “furious” at both him and the anti-vaxxer community.

Choking up as she recounted the events, Anna slammed: “I’m absolutely furious at them. I’m furious at him!

She added: “He left my children with no father! He’s left my grandchildren with no grandfather. It is appalling!”

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The heartbroken caller went further as she took aim at the anti-vaxxer movement, ridiculing it for false claims surroudning Covid.

She slammed: “I am so angry, I am angry at anybody who says this is just a joke or its not real or whatever.

“It does not matter how covid came into being, it is a reality.

“We are living with it and we are dying from it!”

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141,000 people have died from Coronavirus in the UK since the start of the pandemic.

There has been a total of 9.02 million cases of the virus recorded in Britain.

Data from the last 24-hours showed a further 166 deaths.

While 40,726 more infections were recorded.