Owner films lovable deaf and blind dogs play ‘chase’ in adorable video

The adorable duo are proof that disabilities are in no way a hindrance, but enable them to find new ways to communicate and enjoy a full and happy life.

Morty and Lucy are just two of their household’s dogs with additional needs, living alongside Echo and Frank, where their owner documents their lives on the TikTok account @echobadlistener.

Morty is completely deaf and blind, and whilst Lucy can’t hear, she does have a small amount of vision – but the canine companions love to play chase with each other, which comes with some challenges.

In an adorable video viewed over 216,000 times, their owner showed their fans how the best friends try to communicate despite their differences.

The clip sees Morty encouraged to chase Lucy as she ‘boops’ his nose to let him know where she is.

A confused Morty tries to work out what the game they’re meant to be playing actually is, pausing to ponder his next steps. 

The overlaying text read: “Come on, chase me!” as Lucy jumps into a play bow, with Morty edging forward to find her. 

It looks as though Morty thinks, plotting how to best enter the game, before pouncing forward onto an unsuspecting Lucy.

The heartwarming video earned hundreds of comments from viewers who adored seeing the duo play.

“Morty knew all along, just patiently waiting and plotting,” a third added. 

Another said: “Morty being sneaky like this makes me smile every time.”

Blind dogs can still live a full and happy life, even though they don’t always know what’s going on around them.

A one-eyed deaf pitbull called Wink captured the hearts of TikTok viewers last month when he was caught cuddling his ‘emotional support chihuahua. 

The lovely video shows just how close the two dogs are, with Wink wrapping her legs around the 8lbs Niffler in a warm embrace while the cosy chihuahua rests its eyes.

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